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Bone Heel Spurs – Causes

Before looking at what causes heel spurs, it would be informative to look at was causes heel spurs and why they cause so much pain.

As the name suggests, it is a problem that affects the heel and takes the form of an unusual bone growth. This bone growth appears near where the plantar fascia attaches to the bone. This is usually at the bottom front of the heel, although it can be at the side. The bone spur appears as a build up of calcium where the ligament is pulled away from the bone.

People who have an active lifestyle that are constantly putting stress on the are the most likely to develop heel spurs. This is why heel spurs are often found in athletes. It also develops in those who do heavy lifting.

By doing these movements. the ligament is pulled beyond its normal range and it is gradually pulled away from the bone. The body reacts by filling this area with calcium. These calcium deposits begin to form a bony spur which will show up on x-rays.

The calcium deposit do not become painful. But they will press on the soft tissues that surround the bony deposit, cause inflammation and the resulting pain.

The associated pain will often be most severe in the morning, as the pressure has been off it all night. The first pressure on the area in the morning will cause acute pain if left untreated.

The most common treatment is wearing a special shoe for support during the night or inserts during the day. They will apply pressure to the correct areas and take the pressure off the heel spur, reducing the pain and swelling.

In summary, heel spurs are caused by the plantar fascia ligament being stressed over a long period of time. The bone spurs form as a result of the body trying to correct this situation. With correct treatment, these heel bone spurs can be rectified and the chances of them happening

Bone Heel Spurs – Causes, Teatments and more

Heel Spurs and the pain they cause can make it very hard to preform your normal daily activities. But there is a way to solve this health problem.

The pressure that the ligament has on the Heel bone causes inflammation of the heel.  If this inflammation is left untreated the acute pain will become worse.

Heel spurs are calcium deposits in the heel. These calcium deposits will cause acute pain. As the ligament is stretched the level of the pain will increase.  As the planters fascia is stretched, the increased length will cause increased tension in the heel.  Your body reacts to this increased tension by building extra bone in the heel.  This extra bone is the heel spur.

If you wear shoes that are poorly fitting, you risk the possibility of developing heel spurs.

The use of orthotics will give some relief to this pain. They will do this by restricting abnormal motion of the feet.  Silicon heel cups are great for the treatment of heel spurs.

The treatment of heel spurs involves controlling the inflammation.  This may be accomplished by applying ice to the heel.  This will reduce the inflammation.  Ice will melt and create quite a mess.  Gel cold packs are a better option.

The inflammation can also be reduced with the use of some non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Many doctors will recommend surgery, but that is a last resort.

Resting your feet will give some relief the this heel spur issue. You should stay off your feet for a week or so depending on the level of pain. Avoid strenuous exercise including jumping and running as they will agrivated the inflammation.  You should avoid standing on hard surfaces.  Avoid thin souled shoes, high heels and shoes without adequate arch support.  Also don’t walk barefoot as it will aggrivate the inflammation.

Applying heat through using a heating pad or hot pack will bring extra blood to the feet and help lessen the inflammation.

Flax seed may be made into a paste and used to lessen swelling.  This process is quite simple and may be done at home.

If you don’t find that these treatments give you relief, then you will have to visit your doctor.

Aspirin and Ibuprofin may provide some relief. You can also try foot care products to deal with heel spurs.  You need to be patient as most treatment of heel spurs need time to yield results.